Welcome to Arc-Tools, LLC

Karl KolsbunArc-Tools is the name of a new concepttools for transformation, intended to assist others in stepping forward into the higher dimensional frequencies. The intention is to develop healing devices to help humankind move through the process with ease and grace.

To have the planet, plus everyone and everything on it, move into the fifth dimension is going to take a number of years. Everyone is not going to cross the fifth dimensional bridge at the same time. During these times of change, Arc-Tools will assist in the ascension/dimensional shift.

Channeled from the Arcturian Council and the Masters of Light, Arc-Tools can upgrade the frequencies and enhance the energies of all the kingdoms on the planet. Using easy techniques and working in the energy field, Arc-Tools are usable by anyone willing to learn their correct and ethical application.

Galactic Pyramid:  A New Ascension Device

Galactic PyramidThe Galactic Pyramid is a 5th dimensional metaphysical tool created to raise the vibrational frequencies of a space and the people and animals within it to the 5th dimension (5D). It is designed to help people become accustomed to the 5D frequency energy and is the second Arc-Tool channeled to date. It is now available.

Galactic Healing Lens

The first Arc-Tool channeled is called the Galactic Acrylic Healing Lens. Its multidimensional effects can benefit everyone and everything by raising their frequency. The fifth dimensional shift will not happen in the blink of an eye but is a process that will take time to complete. The lens is intended to assist in this transformation process.