Galactic Healing Lens

A 5th Dimensional Healing Device For Use On
People, Animals & the Environment

The Galactic Acrylic Healing Lens is a healing device channeled from the Arcturians to help humankind. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, it is a multi-dimensional tool used to change frequencies to a higher vibration. It is created to assist humankind in their evolutionary process and to adapt to the new higher frequencies of the 5th dimension.

The lens is controlled by the Arcturian Council. As a result, its energy is always appropriate for the assigned use at any moment. In addition, as the lens is used, its frequency will continue to increase.

The Arcturians have indicated the lens is designed to raise the frequencies of the body and our immediate environments which support us. It can be used to upgrade the vitality of the food we eat, the liquids we drink, and can enhance the life force of the human, animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms.

The Lens comes with a manual which has instructions on using the Lens for self healing, applying healing to a client, elevating the vibration of food to its highest nutritional value, and more! It includes background info on the Arcturians and their Lens technology.

Cost: $140 - plus $15 shipping and handling
Orders within New York State subject to NYS sales tax)
Additional or a replacement copy of the manual: $10 - plus shipping and handling